The next stage for Billy's addons
Laying Billy's Logs Remastered and Billy's Whitelist Revamped to rest.
Posted Wed 19th December 2018 12:00:00am

Hello you wonderful players and server owners of Gareth's modification.

I have some news for you all regarding my current addons, and the new addons I will be releasing.

Since September 2015, when I was only 14, I have been selling Billy's Logs on GmodStore. Billy's Logs has been through three iterations of complete rewrites, provided to you for free every time by yours truly. It's now December 2018, and I'm almost 18 years old. Thanks to GmodStore, my customers and my products, I have picked up so many useful skills in programming and because of this, each iteration of my products has been significantly better, more optimized and more feature-rich than before.

It's now time for the fourth iteration of my scripts. Soon, I will be releasing GmodAdminSuite. This is the next huge step for my addons and scripts. I have completely rewritten both Billy's Logs and Billy's Whitelist for GmodAdminSuite, and I'm so excited to bless the staff of Garry's Mod servers with new, freshly optimized tools and features for them to use.

GmodAdminSuite is a fluid and beautiful collection of modules which all work together to supercharge the administration of your server. The system is completely modular, and you can enable or disable modules as you please. I'm going to be releasing the main script on the Workshop, completely free of charge. This script will be a collection of basic fundamental modules that can vastly improve your server and its administration, such as Secondary Usergroups, Playtime (better UTime), FPS Booster and more in future. But, GmodAdminSuite will also have paid, premium modules which will be sold on GmodStore and include script support: Billy's Logs and Billy's Whitelist will be becoming premium modules of GmodAdminSuite, and there's more juicy stuff to come.

In total, GmodAdminSuite is around 15,000 lines of functioning Lua code - that's not including comments or empty lines. The UI has been completely redesigned with YOUR input and there's even a satisfying sound pack to bless your ears. Developing this addon has taken me hundreds and hundreds of hours, and I've put all the love in my heart into every line there is. I'm providing a superior user experience with the most features you've ever seen in a script, in order to make sure that no new staff member is intimidated by the tools at their disposal. Developing the script has taken time away from my friends, my relationship, my college work and even my family, and honestly, it's even surprising that I've managed to finish it.

So, when the new iterations of bLogs and bWhitelist are released, I will be laying down the previous iterations to rest - Billy's Logs Remastered and Billy's Whitelist Revamped will be disabled on GmodStore after 3 huge years of continued love and support. All current customers will still receive script support and there will be bug fixes for critical issues.

But, for those of you who want to accompany me in the newest revolution of Garry's Mod server administration, I will be giving all current customers coupons to get 50% OFF the new versions of bLogs and bWhitelist. These coupons can be redeemed through the Script Exchange on my support site once GmodAdminSuite has been released.

Customers who have purchased bLogs Remastered and bWhitelist Revamped more recently have not been forgotten:

  • If you purchased either script from November 2018 to December 2018 you will get a 70% OFF coupon instead.
  • If you purchased either script in October 2018 you will get a 60% OFF coupon instead.
  • To reiterate, if you purchased either script at any other point in time you will get a 50% OFF coupon the new version.
  • If you beta tested GmodAdminSuite, you will get a 70% OFF coupon instead as thanks for your efforts.

Coupons only apply to the equivalent modules of the scripts that you already own!

Thank you for reading and understanding, I can't wait to release my hard work and accompany you in the newest revolution for Garry's Mod server administration. If you have any questions, please contact me on the Billy's Scripts Discord server, or shoot me an email at [email protected].

This is Billy, signing off, I love you all ❤️ :D


My products are being replaced with new, upgraded versions. I've worked my ass off to create the best experience on the market, after almost 4 years of free updates.

Previous customers can claim 50% - 70% discounts here.

Support for previous products will continue for 6 months; only critical bugs will be fixed. You do NOT have to upgrade at this time, and your discount can be claimed at any time.